A company needs to implement etiquette rules for the following three reasons
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Why Train With Us?

David Crane
"The instructor delivered a wonderful presentation and gave us many things to think about and to apply." David founded NooMedia, an Internet specialist firm, way back in 1995. He has a degree in media and communications and currently manages several web sites, providing consultancy and development services for clients such as the DTi, the BBC, ITN, Sony Music, BMG, The NHS and Ant and Dec.

He has a deep understanding of the critical factors that determine the success of email management having received over 1,000,000 emails in the last ten years - at one point more than 2,000 per day. The length of experience and sheer number of emails written mean David is one of the most qualified people to teach email expertise.

Andy Langler
Andy has worn several “hats” in his professional life and has more than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, not for profit and publishing environments. This includes a number of formal and informal training and developments roles. Throughout this time he has worked with many people from all levels of organisations to help them reach their maximum potential.
Andy has led, been involved with and written programmes for many types of development initiatives from board level change management to shop floor communication skills. His range of training skills covers a wide range of areas including: interpersonal & communications skills; management development; change management; IT strategy and getting the most out of IT.
His approach is based firmly on understanding the learner’s perspective and by means of clear presentation of information, abundant opportunities for questions and, where appropriate, hands-on exercises, together with immediate feedback, make concepts easy for participants to grasp and then apply.

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